Free Droid Applications

Free Droid Apps

Welcome to Free Droid Apps where you’ll find the best applications for the Droid. We continually monitor the best applications and focus on 100% free software because there is nothing more irritating than a Droid app that is crippled when you need it most – a trick many developers use to force you to buy their software.

The Droid OS can run on a number of phones and developers from around the world can offer their programs without the restrictions found at Apple. This means that in a short time, the Droid will be the biggest and hottest phone OS on the market with programs that far exceed those of Apple.

If you know of Free Droid Apps that should be listed on this site, please feel free to leave a comment. Submissions of applications that work for one level and require payment for the remaining levels are of no interest. If it has good play time, multiple free levels and then requires payment, we may list it. Crazy Birds is a perfect example, it has enough free levels that it’s considered a free application.